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Web Based Monitoring System is the measuring and recording of physical or electrical parameters over a period of time. Some applications require only a single measurement, while others may require multiple channels and multiple types of measurements. Web Based Monitoring System is available with various channel configurations: single-channel devices, multichannel devices, and modular devices with a mixture of measurement types. It can measure different types of signals and sensors including the following Production, Stoppage, Line Voltage, Phase Voltage, Current, Kilo Watts, Frequency, Power Factor, KWH


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Block Diagram for Web Based Online Monitoring System
Block Diagram for Web Based Monitoring System (CNC - Wireless)
Block Diagram for Web Based Monitoring System (CNC - Wired)


Advantage of Web Based Online Monitoring System


This presents the following advantages over traditional stand-alone Web Based Monitoring System


Production Details
Integrated All information about Machines at one Server
Clarify Weak Areas Machine Running Time
Actual Efficiency Production Efficiency
Installed Efficiency Utilization Efficiency
Total Process Time Production
Individual Process Time Various Stop Time
Long Stops with Duration and etc
Operator Details Technician Details
Supervisor Details Operator Group Details
Technician Group Details Supervisor Group Details
Hour Wise Production and Stop Report with Analysis
Instant alerts for Order Status, Stoppages, etc..
Production Planning and Order status Reports Automatic and Manual Roll Doff
Automatic and Manual Employee Planning and Allocation Employee Analysis
Dashboard For Immediate Response Various Types Of Charts Like Line, Bar and Pie
Monitoring Screen For Production, Stoppage, RPM and Operator Details
Hour / Shift / Day wise /From To Production and Stoppage Reports
Monthwise Report For Production and Stoppage
Comparision Report For Any TWO Parameters



Usage Of Bar Code
Operator Details Technician Details Supervisor Details
Operator Group Details Technician Group Details Supervisor Group Details



Energy Details
Line Voltage(R Phase,Y Phase, B Phase)
Phase Voltage (RY Phase,YB Phase,BR Phase)
Current (R Phase,Y Phase, B Phase,Total)
Power Factor(R Phase,Y Phase, B Phase, Average - Instantaneous)
Watts (R Phase,Y Phase, B Phase ,Total)
VAR (R Phase,Y Phase, B Phase ,Total)
VA (R Phase,Y Phase, B Phase ,Total)





  • Web Based Monitoring System is a microprocessor based real time on-line Production Monitoring System. It acquires data directly from the machines by means of signals. Web Based Monitoring System automates the production and stoppages data directly to computer for weaving departments.
  • Stoppages are directly recorded to computer as Stoppage. This greatly helps the management to control the stoppage variation and thereby to improve productivity.
  • For every stoppage, Web Based Monitoring System records the start time and end time of the stoppage against the machine, shift and date. The user is allowed to change a suitable reason for such a stoppage from the existing stop reasons at the end of a shift or latter on. Also, the user is allowed to eliminate certain type of stoppages for which the duration is less than out of production time so and which are not considered while production calculation. This greatly improve the accuracy in production calculation.
  • Web Based Monitoring System information with respect to RPM, Production, Efficiency and Stoppages are available to the user up to the minute.
  • User friendly Web based Software. User can monitor the industry anywhere from the world through Internet. Integrated information of all Machines at one place. Monitoring Screen to show current month, Previous Shift, Previous Day and current shift status with easily understandable user friendly GUI.
  • Dash board for cumulative display of collected data in a single page. Running and Stoppage machines with their percentage. Efficiency wise machines counting with percentage. Instantaneous and Running shift efficiency and production data in the dash board view.
  • Various Reports on Production, Stoppage & Efficiency based on selected criteria.
  • Each detailed report will say the working machine's for the day performance along with the up to date performance is the special quality of Web Based Monitoring System software.
  • Performance of any Machine, Employee or Group can be analyzed at any point of time for any chosen period of working. For any chosen period can be analyzed.
  • Real time and past data comparison on Machine, Operator, Technician, Supervisor, Operator Group, Technician Group, Supervisor Group, Buyer, Order etc.,.
  • Periodical Break analysis and Efficiency Graphs to improve Production and Quality.
  • Production Planning and Order status Reports.
  • Projected Production information to improve current shift Production & Efficiency.
  • Our Web Based Monitoring System software allows the user to input worker's planning and existing men allocation and details.
  • Total working performance of Mills for last shift would be immediately available to the current shift Executives.
  • Total working performance of the Mills for a day would be immediately available after the end of the day to the Top Executives. Month end Production report and stoppages analysis reports are immediately available after the month end without any manual preparation.
  • There is no manual calculation and integration is required at any point of time for any kind of report.
  • As the production parameters are directly recorded from the machines, the special efforts of the system can be realized and the time reduction in the clerical work can be understood.
  • Web Based Monitoring System software is also allows direct input for production and other working details. Which are not censored by Web Based Monitoring System. This helps the management to have total production monitoring through computer. The management can realize the completeness in computerizing the production activity.
  • In most of the reports Mills standard has been compared.
  • More than 200 different kinds of reports are available. Each of these reports are carefully designed and are very meaningful to control the production routines in all respects.
  • Graphical representation of data with respect to productivity and stoppage are also available for quick and easy understanding of the Mills performance.
    Additional Features
  • ERP Interface.
  • SMS Alerts (Optional).
  • Provision to send reports by e-mail automatically (Optional).
  • Provision to connect big LED / LCD screens (Optional).
  • Provision to show Running Display.


Real-Time Visualization


With a traditional stand-alone data logger, you must first record the data and then manually transfer it to a PC before you can import it into a spreadsheet program or other tool to graph and visualize the data.

Because a PC-based data logger is always connected to the PC, live measurements are displayed on the PC monitor in real time and you can see results instantly. You can use programming environments, such as Web Based Software, to build custom user interfaces for controlling your measurement device and displaying the results. Creating a user interface with Web Based Software is as simple as dragging and dropping controls and graphs on the user interface.


Inline Analysis


Data analysis with a traditional stand-alone data logger is typically performed offline only after the data has been transferred to the PC.

Using a PC-based data logger, you can take advantage of multicore processors and increasingly available RAM in the PC to perform signal processing and analysis on your data as you acquire it. Web Based Software includes many common math and signal processing functions that use configuration wizards and make it easy to add analysis to your measurements.


User-Defined Functionality


With a traditional stand-alone data logger, you are generally limited to hardware and software functionality defined by the vendor. These functions are good for accomplishing general-purpose tasks, but they may not help you meet your unique application requirements. For example, you may want to log data only under certain conditions or generate custom alarms that aren't built into the data logger.

PC-based data loggers are software-defined instruments. This means the functionality of the device is defined by the software, and you can customize the software to meet your specific application needs. Using Web Based Software, you can easily build functionality for custom alarms, logging conditions, report generation, and signal analysis. You can log data to virtually any file format for importing into other tools and sharing data with others.


Terabytes of Data Storage


Data storage is an important component of a data logger. You can log only as much data as you can store in your data logger. Traditional stand-alone data loggers are limited by the amount of memory built into the device.

Because the PC is actually a part of a PC-based data logger, you are limited only by the amount of hard drive space on the PC. Today, it's not uncommon to find a PC hard drive with terabyte capacity that provides ample space for your current measurements as well as permanent storage space.


Network Connectivity


For applications that require long-term monitoring over days or weeks, you may have difficulty continually checking results. Remote monitoring is useful because you can see results from a remote location. Using a PC-based data logger, you can take advantage of the PC's network connectivity to transmit results over a network for remote viewing. With Web Based Software, you can create custom alarm conditions that send e-mails or even design a Web service that you can visualize over a Web-based application.